Community Church of Joy
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Monday, June 17th, 2019

Who Are We?

Joy Altar

A Look at Community Church of Joy
 We believe that our name tells a pretty compelling story about our existence. 

FIRST, we are a Community. This concept goes all the way back to the world of Jesus day. When something was common the Greeks called it "koine". Gradually, the word came to mean sharing things in common" and "fellowship." Our people find that we share much in common.

While we find we don't always have to agree on everything, we share a common faith in Jesus Christ that transcends our differences.
SECOND, We are a Community Church. The basic meaning of this word "church" is the idea of a group of people who have a sense of shared purpose. We have been called by God to become His representatives to other people, to try to help meet their needs. 

THIRD, We are a Community Church of Joy. Our joy is not based upon what is going on around us, but rather, what is going on inside us. Joy is the constant sense that whatever life may bring, through a personal relationship with a loving God , we can make it work to our spiritual advantage. We know the joy of belonging to God, then we share joyful fellowship and worship together. Sunday morning's messages are Biblically-based, sprinkled with humor, well illustrated, and practical.
If you do not have a church family, please accept our invitation to visit our worship service on Sunday mornings from November 1 to May 31 each year, beginning in 2018,  at 9:00 am, at Kirkjan Hall at the Armenian Apostolic Church of the Desert, Rancho Mirage, CA. Our members and visitors will do everything possible to make you feel welcome at our church.


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